A place where children can LEARN, PLAY, and GROW

About Our Founder

Ms. Laheta Williams

Owner, Preschool, & After School Teacher

My name is Ms. Laheta Williams.  I am the Owner, Preschool, and After School Teacher.  I have over 30 years of experience taking care of children, and I've been in the Early Childhood Education field for 15 years.  I'm currently taking online classes at Ashford University to receive my Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education and Business Administration. Upon receiving my Bachelors Degree, I intend to pursue my Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education, for my day care expansion in August 2019.   I established Kidz Schoolhouse Early Learning Academy, LLC to provide a high quality child care program for children ages 1 - 12 years old.  My main objective for my Young Toddlers and Preschoolers is to prepare them for kindergarten, since it's now mandatory, by using hands on activities and making learning fun.  My aim for my After School students is to help them get better grades in school, and encourage life-long learning.

About Our Staff

Ms. Felicia Romeo

Morning Young Toddler Teacher

Hello blooming toddlers and parents! My name is Ms. Felicia Romeo, and I am delighted to introduce myself as the toddler teacher. I am excited for all of the  activities that are planned for us ahead as I guide and witness your child meet milestones as they grow.  

I construct lesson plans that stimulate children’s fine and gross motor skills, language, social and emotional development as well as recognition and identification of colors, shapes, letters and numbers.  I encourage all parents to maintain open communication to ensure we’re meeting the needs of our children and maintain positive parent/teacher relationships. I will do my part by keeping you posted and updated with your child’s development as often as possible and documenting  their activities.

I am currently completing  my bachelors degree in special early childhood education with a concentration in psychology. I began my career in early childhood as a teacher assistant five years ago, and since then my experience has given me the ability to become adaptive to a given child’s needs. “It takes a village to raise a child.” Let’s make this a positive and delightful school year !

Ms. Octavia Turner

Afternoon Young Toddler Teacher 


Ms. Andreya McNill

Before & After School Escort

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Our Mission

  • To provide the highest quality of child care for infants to school-age children.
  • To encourage our children to love learning and to become life-long learners.
  • To provide each child with the one-on-one attention they need to succeed.
  • To enhance our infants' and toddlers' developmental milestones.
  • To prepare our preschool children for the first grade.
  • To assure that our school-age children receive the highest academic achievements.
  • To make learning fun by employing a hands-on approach to teaching